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Home Remedies for Earache

Home Remedies for Earaches

Earaches are painful and become severe time to time so that it is very uncomfortable yet unbearable. This is because when the ear fluid buildup in the middle ear or somewhat due to the ear infection. Other causes may be common cold, wax accumulated in the ear, blockage of the nasal passage, physical damage inside the ear, increasing pressure and etc. Earaches commonly occur in small children than adults.

The initial pain can be secured easily if it is treated at home using the natural home remedies. I assure you that one or more of these readily available in your kitchen. Here the remedies are given below:
home remedies for earache
1.  Olive Oil
Olive oil gives fast relief from earache. Olive oil acts as a lubricant so that it can help in getting rid of an ear infection. It also helps stopping the buzzing sensations inside the ears.
  • Put 4 drops of lukewarm olive oil as the ear drops into the ear canal.
  • Optionally, dip a cotton bud in the oil then put it into the ear.
  • Instead of olive oil, you can use mustard oil alternatively.

2.  Garlic
Garlic contains analgesic and antibiotic properties due to which it is highly recommended to use in earaches.
  • Take one tsp of minced garlic and heat it little then add two tbsp. of sesame oil. Cool the oil then put its 3 drops into the ear.
  • Extract the garlic juice from few cloves of garlic then put this juice into the ear.

3.  Onion
Onion is the most beneficial and contains antibiotic properties. It works to treat the problem very soon.
  • Grate the onions and extract the juice from these then place it over low heat. Put 3 drops of the juice into the affected are 3 times per day.
  • Another option is to crush the fresh onion and wrap it tightly in a piece of clean cotton cloth. Hold the cloth over the infected ear for 10 minutes. Repeat the process certain times a day.

4.  Hot Water Bottle
Give moist heat around the infected ear as it works to give relief from pain. Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and press it against the aching ear for few minutes.
natural remedies for earache
5.  Ginger
Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties which is greatly helpful in treating the ear infections. Ginger is an excellent natural painkiller.
  • Extract the ginger juice and directly put the drops into the ear to reduce inflammation.
  • You can also mix one tsp of fresh grated ginger root with two tbsp. of olive oil. Leave for 10 minutes to infuse then put few drops of the oil in the aching ear.

6.  Peppermint
In the case of earache, both peppermint leaves and oil can be useful to soothe the earaches.
  • Extract the juice from the fresh peppermint leaves in some dropper and then put drops inside the aching ear.
  • Use a cotton swab; apply a few drops of peppermint oil around the opening of your ear. Make sure the oil could not get inside your ear.
  • Dilute the peppermint oil using olive oil then apply.

7.  Basil
Basil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties due to which it is considered as a good ingredient to relief the earaches.
  • Take few basil leaves, crush them then extract the juice from it.
  • Put three drops of this juice in the aching ear.
  • Repeat the process twice a day.

8.  Indian Lilac (Neem)
Indian lilac, neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties due to which it helps in fighting against the infection.
  • Crush few neem leaves to extract the juice and then put the drops in the aching ear.
  • Soak a cotton ball in neem oil then squeeze out the excess. Put this dipped cotton ball in your ear. Leave for few minutes then discard it.
  • Repeat the process once or twice a day until you get relief from the earaches.
home remedies for earache
9.  Bishop’s Weed
Bishops weed also known as ajwain is the natural cure for earaches as it contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.
  • Mix one tsp of Bishop’s weed oil and three tsp of sesame oil then slightly make it warm on the stove. Put few drops of this mixture in the ear.
  • Heat two tsp of mustard oil and add one-half tsp of Bishop’s weed oil and also some garlic flakes. Heat the mixture so that the garlic turns into red in color. Strain the mixture then put few drops in your ear.

10.  Hair Dryer
Applying the heat using the hair dryer can be the great idea to reduce the earache.

Do not dry your ears after taking bath. Instead of towel, you should use blow dryer. Keep the hair dryer on warm and hold slightly from the ear. It will help the ear to dry the moisture in it. Do not use dryer for more than five minutes.

In case, if you do not get relief from earaches after using these home remedies, must consult your doctor.

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