Sunday, 3 December 2017

How to Give A Full Body Massage

A Simple 6-Steps Guide Will Make You A Massage Therapist!

Doing a massage is not as tougher as you think. Every work has its own real technique to get the perfect results. Relaxing massage does not contain any special method but it can be done in the similar way to other common massages. Follow the guide that is exactly prepared for you.

First of all, note down the room temperature, it should neither be cold nor the hot. It is better to choose the hard surface for massage because it is a fact that the body becomes cool during the massage process. Start the process by focusing the neck, shoulders and back.

1. A smooth start
how to give a full body massage
Start always by light motion of your hands. Move the hands from the shoulders to the waist then back. Make sure that the movements to the shoulders should be strong but still soft at this point.

2. Intensify your efforts
how to give a full body massage
Remember that you are using the intensity of your palm during the entire process. You can start enhancing the moves.

3. Giving special attention to the shoulder
how to give a full body massage
how to give a full body massage
Give special attention to the shoulders part as it is important and effective to a sedentary lifestyle. Start moving slowly and then increase your time gradually in this area. You can follow the acupressure technique to do massage by pressing the specific pressure points gently.

4. Don’t massage the spine in any case
how to give a full body massage
Make sure you do not massage the spinal cord in any case. When you are massaging on this area, move along the back long muscle fibers.

5. Limb massage with light warming strokes
how to give a full body massage
To all kind of limb massage, always apply the light warming strokes. If you are suffered with any localized pain, they should be massaged by pressing on them alternately with thumb pads (first one calf, then the other).

6. The facial massage
how to give a full body massage
While performing the facial massage, the muscles you are working with should be completely relaxed. Massage should be performed in a smooth, rhythmic, and slow ways with painless pressures. Move in the direction of muscle fibers when rubbing the captured skin. Gently squeeze and press according to the facial bones.

End up the massage session by moving across the back (from bottom to top) with your fingers. It will help in soothe the skin.

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