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How to Make Aloe Vera Soap at Home?

How to Make Aloe Vera Soap at Home?

Aloe vera is just an amazing ingredient that is purely used in every skin products. So this does not need any difficult process of making it at home. This article will show you the step-by-step procedure on how to make aloe vera soap at home.

Like everyone knows that aloe vera is a medicinal plant used in treating many skin problems like itching, acnes, rashes, boils and soothes the skin. You can freely use aloe vera gel on any skin problem and if it does not work, try other remedies.
how to make aloe vera soap at home
Even the rashes that do not easily gone are treated wonderfully with aloe vera. Nothing would be better than handmade aloe vera soap. The soap is such an appealing that you can also gift to people to solve their skin problems or on especial occasions.

All the properties for skin nourishment would be packed in just one aloe vera soap such as hydrating and moisturizing properties. It does a brilliant job on the sensitive skin; it is fun making this soap. You do not know the benefits it will give you in the future but you can be sure about that.

So here I am describing the whole procedure of making this fantastic soap. Make sure you wear gloves while starting its preparation.

Step 1. In a pot, add water to boil. Add few tsp of caustic soda to this water and keep stirring gently and mix it using a wooden spoon as to avoid chunks or solidify.

Step 2. Now take an aloe vera leaf and squeeze out its gel.

Step 3. Add some oils like almond, coconut and castor oil then mix the solution. The oil will work as a moisturizing effect to the bar. Adding the oil will never let your skin dry after use.

Step 4. After adding the oil, add aloe vera gel that you have already clasped out from the leaves. Make sure you keep stirring the mixture.

Step 5. Now use any essential oil to the mixture. You can use lavender oil because of its beautiful fragrant so just add 3 drops of it in this solution.

Step 6. The final step is to pour the mixture into molds then let it cool for 5 hours at room temperature.  Place it in the freezer for deep refrigeration. Leave it for overnight and after waking up, your aloe vera soap is now ready to use.

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