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Top 10 Super Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer

Top 10 Super Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer

In today’s world, breast cancer seems to be the most common cancer among women and is increasing in the number as compare to the past. The World Health Organization has stated that there will be a higher amount of rate of breast cancer in 2020.

Another prediction is estimated by the Indian Council of Medical Research that in the coming few years, there will definitely at least one woman from eight will go through the developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is generally a genetic factor that comes from generation to generation. The disease is associated with many aspects with lifestyle.
10 Super Foods that Prevent Breast Cancer
You could be safe from breast cancer once you maintain your proper health and lifestyle matters. It depends on how you live and what you eat. Applying good habit will also be a point to notice. You would have to avoid those substances responsible for increasing the chances of breast cancer in your body such as smoking, alcohol intake in an excess amount, environmental factors, pollution, limiting the duration of hormone therapy, controlling your weight, irregular medical checkups, physically inactiveness. One of the most popular trick you can do for avoid breast cancer is breastfeeding.

Other thing you should focus on is your proper and healthy dieting. Healthy diet will balance your hormone levels and never let you get into these types of diseases. Here are some super foods that will prevent women to have malignant cancer cells from the beginning of their lives.

1.  Turmeric

Turmeric is the best in which curcumin ingredient is present to obstruct certain types of cancerous cells like breast, gastrointestinal, lung, and skin cancer.

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and potent cell protective properties due to which it greatly helps in fighting against those growing cancer cells in your body and also stops it to grow more again. You just have to add turmeric powder in your daily meals or you can also eat a small piece of turmeric on an empty stomach. You can also prepare a drink by adding a tbsp. of turmeric powder in a cup of boiling water then d rink it.

2.  Salmon

Salmon is a kind of fish and it is very much oily that is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids; it also contains vitamin B12 and D and lean proteins. Salmon should be highly used in your meal because it slows down the growth of cancerous tumors and increase the resistance in your immune system. All of the required nutrients will be provided by the salmon in your body to help you preventing from cancer.

For best results, you should eat three-ounce servings of fresh salmon two times a week. You can bake, grill or steam it whatever you want. Not only salmon is beneficial but other fish that have oily nature would also help you fight against cancer such as mackerel, sardines, trout, sea bass and tuna.

3.  Tomatoes

In the study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism directs that eating tomatoes at least once daily or taking foods rich in tomatoes will prevent postmenopausal women from suffer with breast cancer.

A compound, lycopene is present in tomatoes in a good quantity which is known to be a dominant antioxidant which works to reduce the risk of cancer by stopping the growth of cancer cells, stated by American Institute for Cancer Research. Lycopene is also involved in slowing down the growth of other tumor cells like lung and endometrial cancer.

You would get benefits from tomatoes by having them cooked, uncooked, added in meals, or concentrated. You can also make a juice of tomatoes and drink it daily.

4.  Garlic

Garlic is the best option to resist against breast cancer. It also promotes the immune system and gains its activity so that your body could find resistance to fight against other types of cancer cells associated with mouth, stomach and colon cancer. Garlic contains sulfur compounds and flavones that are highly beneficial to use in your daily cooked food.

Simply peel off the garlic cloves and chop them to add in your food. You can also consume a small piece of garlic clove by crushing it in every morning.
How to Prevent Breast Cancer

5.  Flaxseed

Higher amount of lignans is found in flaxseeds that protect against estrogen-dependent cancer such as breast cancer. Along with flaxseed, flaxseed oil is also a recommended option because these both contain rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It forms a protective layer around the cancer cells.

You can prepare flaxseed powder by grinding them and consume it directly; otherwise you can add it in your smoothie or yogurt. On the other hand the flaxseed oil can be added in salads and baked foods.

6.  Spinach

Spinach is a great vegetable as it is antioxidant in nature due to which it is greatly famous in fighting against some of the cancer cells regarding the breast, mouth, esophagus and stomach. Other compounds like zeaxanthin and carotenoids are also found in spinach that retains your body from unstable particles.

Women are advised to eat spinach at least two to three times a week so as to decreasing the risk of higher affinity of breast cancer. Spinach are usually used in salads, steamed or sautéed, soups. Other green leafy vegetables are also useful to eat like kale, collard greens, Swiss chard and romaine lettuce.

7.  Broccoli

Broccoli is another beneficial vegetable that helps in fighting against breast cancer cells. It contains indole-3-carbinol that enhances the production of estrogen hormone thus suppress the tumors associated with breast cancer.

You should consume a half cup of broccoli on the regular basis. Raw broccoli is more beneficial rather than the cooked once. Other vegetables are also suggested to eat along with broccoli like cabbage, kale and cauliflower in your diet.
10 Foods that Fight Breast Cancer

8.  Blueberries

Blueberries can be enjoyed as a medicine as these are delicious and tasteful. Blueberries are enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants therefore it stops the stimulating compounds responsible for breast cancer. Although some phytochemicals are also present in blueberries that forms a protective shield against breast cancerous cells.

The ellagic antioxidants present in blueberries contain anti-cancer properties. You should consume fresh blueberries as these are most beneficial for your health. Other kinds of berries like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries can work together to form a big protective guard against breast cancer.

9.  Pomegranate

According to the American Researches, it has come to know that eating pomegranate in an adequate quantity will help the estrogen compound to suppress on the hormones responsible for the growth of cancer cells.

Pomegranate is filled up with the polyphenols like ellagic acid with antioxidant properties that help in reducing the wrong effects of estrogen and stop the growth cells of breast cancer.

Pomegranate can be used in different types of fruit salads and fruit desserts to increase the taste. You can also prepare a drink from pomegranate and use in the diets that inhibits breast cancer.

10.  Walnuts

Walnuts is known to be an amazing dry fruit that is enough alone to prevent the tumors of breast cancer. It contains many helpful nutrients that supply great nourishment to your body and balance the hormone levels so to protect your body to get rid into this disease.

The studies shown in the Marshall University researchers that woman should eat about two ounces of walnuts per day. This will convert the working of multiple genes that add into breast cancer.

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