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How to Tighten Your Vagina

5 Natural Ways to Tighten your Vagina

Tightening of vagina has several reasons, some women have it by their childhood and some possess after giving birth of baby. Loose vagina is basically not liked by all the men because it decreases the enhancement of men’s sexual power and is not find to be interested in sex. It partially leads to the destroying of relationship and tenderness between both partners. So be ready women and read the top five home remedies that can make your partner close to you.

How to Tighten Your Vagina

How does a Vagina become Loose?

The hundreds of reasons behind loose vagina might be possible but the most common is having a loose vaginal walls or the opening of vagina becomes large during sex when the skin stretches. Some other potential reasons are shown below about the enlargement of this trait.

Giving Birth

Every woman would definitely understand that their vagina will become loose after giving birth to baby but on the other hand, they start sacrificing just for the sake of feeling the essence of motherhood, the pleasure and thrill of becoming mother makes her complete. Loose vagina is one of the most important factors occur after the delivery of baby. However, it effects on the sexual life.

The losing of vaginal muscles happened during the labor pain when a mother is about to giving birth to her baby. The intensity of labor pain coupled throughout the delivery of baby. Therefore the vaginal muscles start to contract and expand thoroughly and stretch when baby comes out of the vagina.

Frequent Masturbation and Sexual Activity

Your sexual hormones when trigger rapidly, your brain slightly messages your body to be sexually active. At every time when you have desires of sex drive and usually masturbate the vaginal muscles will contract and expand constantly. The entrance of penis in vagina needs too much force and it goes inside by damaging the vaginal walls that is the cause of loosen the vaginal muscles normally.

How to find out if you have a Loose Vagina?

If women do not get any idea of either having loose or tight vagina, they can find it out easily by following some simple tips and tricks.

Inserting two or more fingers inside the vagina indicates its position. Feeling no pain while inserting fingers means that vagina has already become loose. At the same time if you are inserting your index finger into your vagina then you would surely identify the loose spirits of vagina by your own.

There are rare chances of losing the elasticity of vagina but at the same time if you have more sexual desires and your partner regularly doing sex with you will probably leads to the loosing vaginal walls. Once it becomes loose, your partner would surely complaint about his absence interest in sex; he is not further able to enjoy himself. Making a partner happy is the wish of a woman and it can be only possible when you do the effort of continuing the sex with tight vagina which can increase the pleasure of your partner.

Frequent masturbation also causes the vagina to lose its strength. Masturbation takes you to the insertion of larger stuffs into to your vagina for being satisfied. All of these reasons increase the chances of your vaginal walls to become bigger and burst.

Natural Ways to Tighten your Loose Vagina

Women would now no need to know go to the surgical treatments to get the vagina back to its initial form. You have great options to choose from the following home remedies that are completely prescribed with natural procedures leads to reduce the size of opening of vagina greatly.

1.  Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises for Women
Kegel refers to the constant movement of pelvic muscles that are responsible to control the sudden urination during the intercourse. Kegel exercises are recommended to the women who are on their post delivery period and they should do it on the daily basis. This exercise enables the women to contract the groin muscles then relax them after 10 seconds.

Keep contracting the vaginal muscles continuously for 15 times. The repeated action of contracting muscles causes the vagina to become tightened at some extent. Graph 4 sets of time in a day to do the exercise. Other thing you can try is contract your groin muscles while urinating and keep holding it for about 5 seconds and after that expand the muscles to pass out the urine back. Repeat the process whenever you urinate till you finish it.

2.  Vaginal Cone

Vaginal Cone Exercise for tight Vagina
Another recommended way to tight your vagina is the use of vaginal cone which is partially similar to a regular tampon (a soft material which could be inserted into the vagina for the absorption of menstrual blood and other secretions). Make sure the vaginal cone is attached with weights and you would have to insert the cone along with the weights hanging off the end into your vagina. Try to hold it by your own effort of contracting the vaginal walls for some minutes and gradually release it afterwards. Try adding more weights as you see improvement. Repeat the remedy at least 5 times regularly.

3.  Leg Ups

Kegel Leg Ups Exercise for Women
You just have to lie down on your back on the floor with your legs raised upwards one after the other. Raise your legs as much as you can but do not let them bend. Now slowly move your legs as to do exercise and continue it for 5 times a day for achieving the best results.

4.  Herbal Creams

Vagina Tightening Herbal Cream
Herbal creams are totally safe because it has made with the natural ingredients found on the earth and does have chances of any side effect. You can follow up the procedure with herbal creams to tighten your vagina. The method of applying is over the vaginal opening with gradual motion of your fingers and inside it too.

Buy herbal creams only if you once have prescribed by your physician. The ingredients involve in these creams may not be harmful but in some sort of change, it can cause allergic reactions due to which your skin will start burning. Select the best cream that is suitable for your skin and has huge benefits.

5.  Home Remedy

Home Remedies for tightening Vagina
A simple and useful remedy is described here for tightening your vagina. Take some gooseberries and boil them in a pan filled with water. Let them boil for some minutes then strain the solution into a bottle in which it could be preserved. Everyday apply the solution over your vagina while taking bath. This solution will do certain actions of tightening your vaginal walls and restore its elasticity.


  1. You can also use yoni eggs.

  2. Do not do kegels while peeing. that can lead to a uti. i read that somewhere.

  3. What weights do you use when trying the tampon with hanging weights?

  4. What do you use as weights when you insert the tampon, with weights??

  5. How disgusting that all you think a woman cares about is sexually pleasing her man and you NEVER stop and start while urinating it can cause issues. Felt my self getting angrier as I read this the lack of knowledge is ridiculous.

    1. I agree like when she says if u put two fingers I'm your vag and it doesn't hurt that your loose I hope that isn't true

  6. Masturbrate loose verginity??

    1. No. BUT, if you are female and you insert something into the vagina it can cause the hymen to break, which usually happens during the first time a woman has intercourse with a man.