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How to do Shellac Nails at Home

How to apply CND Shellac Nail Polish at Home

Now it’s very simple to give a stylish touch to your nails at home. You will be instructed with the wondering and amazing method of doing a shellac style manicure at home with your own comfort ability. Here we are introducing you with some easy application methods.
how to do shellac nails at home
It is necessary to apply those products which would be protected your nails while doing the shellac style manicure. Bluesky Shellac Style gel nail polish is good for this purpose as it prevents your nails from any kind of damage.

Things You Need

  • Bluesky Shellac Nails Color Polish
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • UV or LED Nail Lamp
  • Alcohol Wipes to Remove Residues
  • A Nail File
  • Cuticle Pusher
If you want to give a professional touch to your nails then it would be best to have those above mentioned products.

How to do Shellac Nails at Home


  • Give a specific shape to all of your nails as you wish to have. Be sure that there should not be rough edges. Clean if find any residual dust.
  • Now push back the cuticles for exposing the nails. Your hands must be moving softly.
  • Apply a thin layer of Bluesky Shellac Base Coat to each of your nails with notice some points in your mind that you would have to leave at least 1-2mm gap between the edge of the base coat and the skin.
  • Put your hands for 2 minutes under the UV or LED Nail Lamp. This is necessary for your nails to be cured safely. You will get a sticky kind of residues in your nails. Do not do anything with this; leave it alone until the final step.
  • Apply the first layer of Shellac Nail Polish in broad, from inside the base coat at the cuticle end of the nails to inside the tip of the nail. Make sure that you should not use a thick layer of color, keep it as thin as it would be possible for you, but the surface should be cover completely. Keep the edge of the color 1-2mm inside the edge of the basecoat layer. It will help you in allowing the color to be sealed until your reach the final step.
  • After painting the nails, put your hands in UV or LED Nail Lamp for some time.
  • Now apply the second layer of Shellac nail polish just the way you have done before. Second layer should be applied from the tip of the nail but inside the basecoat boundary.
  • Again put your hands under the UV or LED light for curing the gel polish.
  • At last, apply the Shellac Nails Top Coat over each nail from the edge of the bascoat that will completely cover the basecoat and color layers. This method creates a “sandwich” as it seals the color inside the basecoat and topcoat.
  • Again put your hands under the UV or LED Nail Lamp for the last time for making the top coat settled up perfectly.
  • Wipe out your nails gently with alcohol wipes as to remove remaining sticky residues on your fingers.

How to remove Shellac Nail Polish?

Removing the Shellac nail polish is simple. You would need a wet cotton wool that is already dipped in acetone and then place it over the nail. Wrap the tip of finger and the acetone soaked cotton wool in tin foil for up to 10 minutes. In this way, the Shellac layers will be peeled off quite easily.

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