Friday, 9 May 2014

Simple Skin Care Routine at Home

Your Own Simple Skin Care Tips

You skin care routine should be the main purpose of your beauty. Your regular beauty conception creates an amazing and different idea day by day and you feel like getting beautiful all the time. So start your day with the feeling of your beauty.

simple skin care routine at home

Before Going to Sleep Routine

  • Wash your face with the lukewarm water so that the outer layer of your skin becomes soft.

  • Use your cleansing product on your skin. Use your fingers for this method of application with the circular motion of your hands; apply cleansing all over your harsh skin areas. Complete this process in 10 to 15 seconds and then rinse off with water.

  • Take a towel and nicely mope your face with it.

  • Make your routine to use a good quality moisturizer on the dry surfaces of your skin.

  • Dip cotton into your favorite toner and apply on your face after cleansing method on the basis of daily routine.

After Getting up in the  Morning Routine

Before going out from the home, use sun screen for the protection of the skin from harmful sun rays. The women who possess mixture of skin that have the mixture of skin tones should use that type of makeup. This matter can be discussed on the basis of their T-zone that how much the T-zone is greasy and oily. If it is too much oily then the women should use the mixture of powder and water.

Twice a Week Routine

Use some good scrub products according to your need.

Once a Week Routine

Use deep cleansing clay mask on your T-zone area. Skip at least one day between the use of scrub and mask.


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