Friday, 11 April 2014

How to Remove Nail Polish Without Using Remover

Remove Nail Polish/Varnish without Using Remover

This article contains 4 methods of describing the nail polish removed mysteriously without using remover. So here we go!
how to remove nail polish without using remover

Method 01 - Spray Deodorant

  • Everybody uses deodorants and commonly it is present in their homes. So use some spray deodorants for removing the nail polish. There are also some kinds of deodorants which have solvents mixed with them and while removing anything, it cannot be removed easily.
  • Spray the deodorants as much closer to your nails as you can. Be sure that the deodorants have a quick evaporating propellant that can cause a Sevier burn. So be careful for not to injure yourself while doing the method.
  • Use handkerchief or napkin for rubbing the nails. Keep it up it till the nails get cleaned around the margins of your nails. It is not give you the immediate result. If needs, repeat the second step again.
  • Your nails are now completely clean and beautiful.

Method 02 - Top Coat Nail Polish

  • Take some top coat nail polish or any nail polish you want.
  • Apply it to your already polished nails.
  • Get a cotton swab and immediately wipe it off. If at the first time, you can repeat the steps.

Method 03 - Body Spray

  • In case, you do not have the spray deodorant and you want to remove your nail polish quickly then you can also use body spray or perfume. All of these contain the identical properties and work similarly.
  • Spray the cotton ball.
  • Rub it back and forth over your nails till the nail polish seems to be disappeared entirely.
  • Repeat the method you might like to.

Method 04 - Hair Spray

  • Hair spray will also help you in removing the nail polish easily. Because of having the same chemicals present in other sprays.
  • Repeat the above steps.
  • Remember; do not leave the hair spray over the nails for a long time because it will dry off your nails.

Useful Tips to Remove Nail Polish

  • You can use different nail polished instead of using the top coat. Depend on your choice.
  • Make sure that these methods will not work so far if you are wearing very old nail polish.
  • Avoid using the regular deodorants because they do not work as the others do.
  • If the coat becomes older, you would have to scratch your nails to remove it. But do it smoothly to avoid any damage to the nails.
  • For removing the spray, soak your hands in warm water for just 2 minutes.
  • The cotton swab, used for removing the nail polish might stick to your nails and can be removed through soaking the hands in warm water.
  • You can also use hand sanitizer.

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