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Belly Button Piercings - How to do at Home

How to Pierce Your Own Belly Button at Home

Firstly, you should understand the strategic process of piercing belly button. You should have proper knowledge of the instruments that are used for this purpose and learning information about how to handle the whole method by yourself. There are some steps which will help you in having your belly button pierced at home by your own techniques.
how to do belly piercing at home

Step 1

1.  Gather the Correct Instruments

Use of right equipment is the first requirement. In case of any wrong one, you will have wrong piercing and then it will lead to the high risk of infection. The right equipment you will need may be that:
  • A 14 gauge sterile piercing needle, a 14 gauge belly button ring made from stainless steel, titanium, rubbing alcohol, a body ink marker, a piercing clamp and some cotton balls.
  • Forget using sewing needle, safety pins or piercing guns to avoid any unsafe result.

2.  Create the Environment Free of Hygiene

Before starting the process, you would be sure about the exclusion of any hygienic substances to liberate from the chance of infection. Select countertops or tables for that purpose and clean it with the disinfectant.

3.  Wash your Hands

Wash your hands with the warm water so that it becomes clean and free of any bacteria. If you think to have more safety then you can also wear latex gloves which will help in eliminating any bacterial infection. After washing hands, completely dry out your hands with the paper towel, not the cloth towel because it catches the attention of the bacteria towards it.

4.  Sterilize the Clamp, Piercing needle and Belly Button Ring

Always buy new things and if you have already bought them that are packed and sealed. However, if you are using them twice then you will definitely need to sterilize all of them before piercing.
  • Dip all the equipment in the solution of rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and leave them dipped for 2 minutes.
  • Wear clean latex gloves and then take them out from the solution and then place them on a fresh piece of paper towel for making them dry totally.

5.  Clean the Area around the Belly Button

It is necessary to remove the bacteria present on a surface of the skin before piercing. For this, clean inside and outside of the belly button with the help of applying the disinfecting skincare which is especially made for the belly button piercing such as bactine or rubbing alcohol.
  • Take a cotton ball and dip it in the rubbing alcohol gently. Wipe it around the area of the belly button that has to be pierced. Wait until the area gets dry completely.
  • It’s better to use rubbing alcohol that is with a concentration of above 70% isopropanol to accomplish the required level of disinfection.
  • If possible, use a cotton swaps for keeping inside the navel. Clean both above and below the piercing site.

6.  Draw a Mark where the Piercing has to do

You will first have prepared in mind that where do you want to pierce through the needle. It is good to mark the exact location before getting start. There should be only 1cm (4 inches) distance between the navel and the pierced hole.
  • Usually it seems that belly button piercing is on the top of the belly button instead of the bottom. So it depends on you that at which place you want to pierce.
  • During the time of marking, use a small hand-held mirror for checking if the two marks are associated horizontally or vertically. The right position for doing this is only when you are standing. If you are sitting then your stomach will get crumpled and it will not show you a straight piercing.

7.  Decide if you want to Numb the Area

Whether you do not want to feel pain during your belly button piercing, you have an option of getting the area numb with an ice cube covered in a paper towel before going on.
  • It is also important to have knowledge that numbing the area with an ice cube is somewhat risky because this makes the skin tough and leathery which will be difficult for you to push the piercing needle through the place.
  • You can apply a little numbing gel that is probably used before injections.
how to do pierce a belly at home

Step 2

Piercing the Belly Button

1.  Clamp the Cleaned Area

With the help of piercing clamp, clamp the skin around of navel and then pull it out from the body gently and smoothly.
  • The entrance point that is marked should be centered in the bottom half of the clamp. On the other hand, the exit point should be centered on the top half.
  • Use the strong and powerful hand for holding the needle while weaker hand for holding the clamp.

2.  Prepare the Needle

A sterilized 14-gauge needle has a hollow center which is meant for the belly ring to insert easily through it.
  • At this point you may want to unscrew the ball from the top of the belly button ring. You do not want to be mishandling with this during great effort for holding both the clamp and needle in place.

3.  Pierce from the Bottom Up

On the base of the clamp, connect the sharp end of the needle with the mark. Now take a deep breath, push the needle through the skin instantly. Remember that your needle should be exit through the mark at the top of the clamp.
  • Never try to pierce from the top down because it is necessary for you to see there during the belly piercing and if you are starting from the downwards, you cannot be able to see then.
  • Piercing while standing up can give you a fair movement of your skin and you can see exactly what you are doing. But if you feel like fainting then pierce while lying down but not by sitting.
  • If there you see the blood coming out while piercing, do not be afraid of that because it is normal. Take a cotton swap dipped in the antibacterial gel or rubbing alcohol and then wipe it off.

4.  Clean your Hands and the Piercing

Wash your hands properly with the antibacterial soap after getting the process finished completely. Also wash the piercing very gently and smoothly with the cotton ball that is soaked in antibacterial gel or rubbing alcohol.
  • This will count the first day of your cleaning and you will have to do it on the regular basis until the piercing does not become healed.
  • After cleaning the piercing, do not tug it and leave it to heal. Touching it or playing with it will only give you pain and then the infection can be appeared.

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