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Belly Button Piercing - After Care Precautions

Precautions for the Correct After Care

1.  Take Care of your Piercing

It is awfully necessary to have an idea about the after care of piercing. Keep in mind that the new piercing is like an open lesion and it needs lots of care. You can maintain your piercing by cleaning the lesion for the several months until the piercing heals completely.
  • You can maintain just by washing your hands before touching and washing the piercing with the antibacterial soap once or twice a day. Avoid using peroxide, rubbing alcohol or others because these can be very irritating for the skin.
how to care belly button piercing

2.  Clean with a Salt Solution

Salt solution proves to be great for the cleaning purpose. Buy saline solution at a drug store or piercing studio or shop. If this is not available to you then take some sea salt and dissolve it in a warm water then apply.
  • Dip cotton swap in that solution and clean around the both ends of piercing.
  • Rotate the jewellery in order to clean the whole surface of the skin and the ring as well.

3.  Avoid Swimming in Water

Forget swimming for few months whether in a pool, river or a hot tub. It is important because water can easily docks bacteria which cause great infections for your new piercing.

4.  Allow the Piercing Time to Heal

The sign of healing is appear to you when you see a clear or white liquid.
  • The professionals recommend a care routine for up to 4-6 months. After 2 months, check how your piercing is doing.
  • Do not try to change the rings again and again with the new piercing. It is forgettable because in this way, the hole may be closed and you then not able to wear jewelry again. This will also impose severe pain and stop the process of healing. So be careful!
belly button piercing aftercare precautions

5.  Keep an Eye Out of Infection

After you see that the piercing is perfectly healed and still there appear swelling, tenderness, bleeding or seeping then apply a warm compress to the area after every three to four hours. Now clean it with the antiseptic cleanser and then antibacterial cream suggested by your piercer.
  • If in case there is no chance of any improvement seen within 24 hours, immediately consult with a professional doctor.
  • If doctor cannot do anything, go to the piercer artist and get help from him.

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