Tuesday, 22 April 2014

5 Tips for Getting Pregnant After 40

Getting Pregnant over 40 - Benefical Tips Help you to Get Pregnant Soon

There are rare chances of being pregnant after the age of 40. It’s very tough to struggle for getting pregnant in the older age due to some facts and they can’t be ignored because it’s natural with every woman. There is no doubt that a woman after 35 cannot produce baby due to her infertility. In this case, some sorts of complications take place.

But on the other hand, it may be seen that this is a great advantage of being pregnant after 40. The reason is that the women have started their career and made a good position in it so it is a good advantage for her children that they will be secure financially. Most of the women do not want to bring up a baby before 40 due to having low career affinity.

If you want to be a mother later in life then you might be very lucky. There are some tips given below that will help you in getting you on your way.
how to getting pregnant after 40

1.  Find a Great Doctor

Instead of having the support of your family members, friends and partner, you need one more person who is very much important for this purpose that is a good doctor. He or she will suggest you how to look after yourself while in the preparation of your baby and in the whole pregnancy period before and after.

Choosing a good reproductive endocrinologist is necessary because he or she would definitely listen to all of your concerns and life excuses and will also reduce your worries by his or her knowledge.

2.  Deals with Existing Health Problems

Check yourself before start trying to conceive because if there is any kind of disease found in your body such as Chlamydia, which can lead to severe infections and pregnancy complications. Control your thyroid disease which may produce congestive heart failure, pre-eclampsia, premature birth of a baby, low birth weight of a baby, or even miscarriage or stillborn baby.

You just need an extra care so that you will be definitely safe from any kind of crucial diseases. It can’t be said that if a woman is suffering from the hyper or hypothyroidism can’t have healthy pregnancy. She can surely have healthy pregnancy only when she assumes herself to care properly.

The same thing happens with the women suffered already with the diabetes before getting pregnant. They should properly control the blood sugar level. If in case, the blood pressure gets higher in level in the early weeks of pregnancy then there may be a risk of defected baby or miscarriage.

Go and consult with a great doctor who is trustworthy about helping you in proper cure and health issues.

3.  Revise your Routine

You just forgot all the bad habits present in yourself just like smoking, getting drunk, doing drugs, etc. Sleep for at least five hours to avoid any stress on your mind and then you will feel fresh and start planning about getting pregnant soon early.

For getting your body ready to being a mother and preparing for a baby, you just need a nursery kind of life. You would have to listening the suggestions and wisdoms of the others, completely remove the any possible dangers that you think you have doubt about and invite a little human in your life after.

Include extra wedges in your grocery and get the healthy food like the whole grains, protein containing food and dairy products to make your body fully energized. You need to take folic acid and calcium in your diet. Also for feeling activeness in your body, have some exercises in your spare time when you have nothing to do or coming back from the office.
how to be pregnant after 40

4.  Invite your Partner to Join You

Make sure that your partner is not involved in any kind of misleads and effective functions of any disease. If he is taking medications for any sickness such as drugs for ulcers and gastrointestinal issues can mainly disturb the male fertility and stop the sperm production so no chance for becoming a father then. So it is advisable for your partner to do the check up before mating with you.

We all know that it is hard for the male to give up the drinking, smoking or anything else. But it is good if your partner do not have such kinds of bad way of life. Even you should feel glad if your partner is full of healthier lifestyle.

5.  Consider Donor Eggs

We have come to know after many researches that about 20 percent of woman at age 40 got pregnant and only 1 percent at 45. So it might be tough for the women and depends on luck and chance. Most of the women take concern with the assist reproductive technology (ART), in which the chances of conception are very small when using their own eggs. Then she will need another donor eggs for getting pregnant. The studies showed that, only about 4 percent got pregnant due to this and 2 percent go back and return.

With the donor eggs, the chances become closer and it seems much better. Even though the social stigma that seems to be attached to the idea of donor eggs and substitute. Some of them will to use the donor eggs and most of the people do not think that it is good.


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