Monday, 3 March 2014

Nail Care Tips - Women Needs to Know

Nail Care Tips in English and Urdu

  • Massage around the nails with the warm oil and then clean it so that there is no oiliness. Coconut oil and castor oil can give your nails a shiny effect.
  • For growing nails faster, drinking fresh carrot juice is an excellent because carrot contains calcium and phosphorus which strengthens nails quickly.
  • Do not use excessive nail polish because when removing the nail polish, cuticle becomes very dull and damage because the nail polish remover contains acetone.
nail care tips
  • By dipping fingers in soapy water, cuticles will become soft and gentle.
  • Take high amount of iron in your diet because iron is necessary for healthy growing nails.
  • Wear gloves or mittens in winters and summers for protecting your nails from dust particles.
  • Forget nail biting habit because it damages the cuticle and health of nails.
  • Nails also get dehydrated just like your skin. It is good to moisturize your nails in this case. Otherwise, the 18% moisture present in your nails gets dry.
  • Do not use ultraviolet gel manicure products because it leads to skin cancer.
  • Trim toenails daily because by keeping them short, it will protect you from trauma and injury.
nail care tips in urdu
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