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How to take Care of your Cuticles

Healthy Cuticles Tips in Urdu & English

When thinking of nail care, the first thought comes in mind that how to protect them from peeling, chipping and cracking, how to give shape to the nails and applying nail polish. The cuticles, a part around the fingernail is also included in the health and neatness for a good appearance of nails. If cuticles are not carefully protect, it affects the nails badly and gets dry, also reach to some risk of infection. If you do not want to get disappointed then follow these steps.
how to care your cuticles

1.  Moisture the Nails

Whenever you moisturize your hands, the cuticles become hydrated and then after few seconds it gets dry and always thirsty for hydration. It becomes hard when your hands are used in working with chemicals without wearing hand gloves. So, let’s start to moisturize your nails and fingertips twice every day.

2.  Never Cut Cuticles

Cuticles play an important role of protecting the nail roots from any attack by harmful bacteria. If the nails are cut in this matter, they will not be able to do so. You can also push the cuticles back with a non-metal tool to prevent out from any injury.

3.  Do not Push Back Dry Cuticles

At the time of pushing back your cuticles, it is good to do that after taking bath or soak your fingertips in the container of warm water because it is not easier to push back the cuticles when they possess some dryness. If the cuticles are not wet, it can cause damage to your nails.

4.  Push Back your Cuticles like an Expert

Three steps are described here for the push back method.

  • Only apply cuticle remover, do not use oil or cream.
  • To push back your moist cuticles, using an orange stick is the best.
  • Finally, for removing any snug dead skin, move orange stick in circular manner at the base of the nail.

5.  Trim Hangnails Carefully

It is a good idea to cut your hangnails but not your cuticles. Use a sharp clipper which has been cleaned with alcohol or peroxide. If blood starts to flow, you should apply antibacterial ointment immediately.

6.  Choose wise Nail Care Products

You should be sure when buying the nail care products. Acetone based nail polish removers and polishes, formaldehyde resins are bad for your cuticles health. Check and read the products before buying that if they are acetone-free or not. Acetone actually causes dryness and irritation because it is toxic.
cuticle care tips in urdu

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