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How to Reduce Under Eye Circles

Eye Dark Circles Removal Tips English and Urdu

Dark circles are the common problem happened to almost everyone. One of the reasons of dark circles is the lack of sleep, due to fatigue, tiredness, etc. People feel themselves very dull and weak because they are noticed by the other and then this can also make them hesitated in front of others. They feel very embarrassed due to having lack of confidence. Confidence comes with the beauty on your face. Remember, if you are internally tired, you are automatically physically tired. Here are some useful tips which may help you in getting rid of dark circles and make your eyes beautiful.
How to Reduce Under Eye Circles
  • Vitamin “E” is very essential for your skin. Apply the oil of Vitamin “E” underneath the eye; you will see the difference gradually.
  • One banana, one cup of papaya and one cup of guava is very necessary to eat in order to reduce the dark circles. You can also eat these fruits by mixing them together cut in cubes.
  • Mix few drops of jasmine flower oil in the lemon juice and then apply on the dark circles daily at night.
  • Mash the potato and tie it in the bati (mal mal) cloth and then place it on the eyes for about 15 minutes. Dark circles will be reduced soon.
  • Dip bati (mal mal) cloth in the fresh orange juice and then place it on the eyes. You will feel your whole body fresh and relax. Dark circles will become light and slowly disappear.
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